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456 Songs That Make You Cry

Here is a giant list of Sad Songs online.

Hours of research efforts have been invested into this website to come up with the best list of sad songs on the planet.

Girls and women, boys and men, even seniors, were asked to give the names of songs that made them cry. So this list is both varied and relevant to people of all ages. currently lists only English songs at the moment. In the future we plan to add a list of Hindi Sad Songs and crying tunes in other major languages.

This list now contains the titles of Four Hundred And Fifty Six Songs. More sad songs will be added soon.

This list of songs that make you cry has been researched and compiled by Savio DSilva.

Each list contains 20 sad song titles and the name of the artist who performed the same.

The list is in Alphabetical Order.

Now, it is time to sit back and cry....


Researched And Compiled By Savio DSilva